Hey Y'all

Hey Y'all

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

October in Indiana

We love fall in Indiana - the cold weather, changing leaves, and squirrel hunting??? Sam has been dying to kill something, so He and Adrian have been squirrel hunting a few times. He was so proud!

Pumpkin carving is always interesting. We never know how they will turn out. Sam always wants a scary face, Layne always wants a cute face, and Josie goes back and forth between the two. This year Josie carved her pumpkin all by herself from beginning to end! She did a really good job and they all turned out great!

Trick or Treating - this year Josie was an Indian girl and Sam was a whoopie cushion -again. They decided to wear their costumes from last year because nobody in Indiana got to see them, but Layne wanted to be something different. She was a flower this year. It was so nice to actually have kids trick or treating this year - last year we had 2 families come to our house - it was kind of sad!

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